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Frozen Formula Foods™

Ocean Nutrition's Frozen Formula Foods are unique solutions that meet fish's specific dietary needs based on their natural feeding behavior, such as algae based formulas for herbivorous fish, and species-specific formulas for specialized feeders, such as marine angelfish. They are the most complete, most natural, and most nutritious foods available to the hobby, as they combine the freshness of frozen foods and the completeness of formulated foods. They blend the highest quality, natural ingredients for superior nutrient absorption and high digestibility. As a result, there is less waste, and your aquarium stays cleaner.

Ocean Nutrition's selection of Frozen Formula Foods use various techniques to provide optimum nutrition and offer formulas with gel binder, without gel binder, and Rapid Delivery Formulas (RDF).

We recommend feeding Frozen Formula Foods with and without gel binder for optimum balanced nutrition in reef aquariums.