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General Information

Rainbowfishes, native to Southeast Asia and Australia, are a family of small, colorful fishes—most of which grow no longer than 5 inches. They inhabit a wide range of aquatic environments, including lakes, rivers, and floodplains. Rainbowfishes are omnivores and eat a variety of algae, insect larvae, and small freshwater invertebrates from mid water and the water’s surface. Male Rainbowfishes are usually broader bodied with stronger coloration.

Aquarium Care & Feeding

Rainbowfishes make great additions to freshwater community aquariums since they are peaceful by nature and will accept a variety of flakes and frozen foods. It is recommended that aquarists offer these fishes floating foods or items that stay suspended in the water column for a short time (or at least long enough for the Rainbows to eat).