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Product Features
  • A natural food for marine fish
  • Stimulates a positive feeding response
  • Will help maintain health and vitality
  • Quick frozen whole marine worms

Varying in size between 8 and 14 cm, polychaetes (sea worms) are an important food source for larger marine predators. They can be cut easily into smaller pieces, making this soft and nutritious food also available for many smaller fish and invertebrates! Originating from marine water, they are very rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids (ARA, EPA & DHA). Polychaetes are well known to increase fecundity of shrimp and marine fish broodstock.

Marine fish and invertebrates including: Angels, Butterflies, Groupers, Lionfish, Puffers, Sharks, Triggers, Wrasses, Lobsters, Shrimp, Crabs, and more.

Fish should be fed two to three times a day. After defrosting, it is advised to rinse well with water to avoid unnecessary contamination of the aquarium water. Only feed the amount that your fish will consume in five minutes. Remove any uneaten food.